101 in 1001 |

start date: 11/01/2014
finish date: 07/29/2017

The list

1. come up with 101 things
2. inspire someone else to write a list of their own
3. write a letter to myself on day 1
4. write a follow up letter on day 1001
5. deposit $5 every time I am able to mark something off my list
6. write a monthly report of my progress
7. post about each thing I do


8. memorize 1 passage of scripture for every month of the challenge (0/32)
9. read through as many of the "Bible related" books on my bookshelf as I can
10. blog about each book
11. learn how to pray, really pray
12. share my testimony in it's entirety privately, publicly, or in written form


13. Contribute to my IRA monthly for the duration of the 1001 days
14. reconfigure and alter budget to fit my new income (plus, I like to do this every few years as needs change and I tire of the same old)
15. begin a sponsorship through ShowHope
16. deposit all of my pocket change from the last 6 or 7 years...about $40
17. go one complete month without spending money on things other than gas and needed food
18. research and really understand my accounts and where my money is going
19. by the end of the 1001 days fully fund my 3-6 months of emergency savings, begin growing my savings accounts, and pay my taxes quarterly as opposed to annually


20. get back into the groove of taking my sisters on sister dates 1x/month
21. intentionally work on relationships outside of my immediate family
22. host a cooking party
23. host a favorite things party
24. purposefully make time to spend some time with my grandparents and my nanny
25. take each of my nephews on a date to a place of their choice


26. achieve a goal weight (-50)
27. maintain that weight
28. learn how to rock climb
29. become certified to belay 
30. train and participate in a 5k, 8k, 10k, and half marathon
31. Exercise at least 3x/week for the duration of the 1001 days
32. complete a 30 day "__" challenge per month of the challenge (ex: 30 day plank, 30 day arm, etc.)
33. complete a Whole30

Health and Beauty

34. dress in something other than athletic shorts and tshirts everyday for an entire week; accessories, shoes, hair fixed, etc.
35. blog about each day and my thoughts
36. learn how to dress my body type
37. get rid of or alter clothes in my closet that do not fit or work well for my body type
38. learn as much as  I can about herbs and essential oils so that I can restrict my use of medications such as ibuprofen, antihistamines, etc.
39. learn how to apply makeup correctly
40. learn what essential oil will get rid of my moles and get rid of the bothersome ones


41. create a monthly scrapbook with Cam of all the things we do that month
42. make lesson plans for organized learning


43. choose and complete 5 Pinterest inspired projects
44. blog about them
45. choose and complete 5 Pinterest inspired recipes
46. blog about them
47. finish settling in and setting up my new room
48. blog through each project
49. reclaim the poison oak covered backyard and reclaim the weed covered, poorly trimmed front yard
50. recycle my old doll cradle
51. finish refinishing my antique high chair
52. learn to use chalk paint
53. purchase, redo, and sell at least 5 items by the end of the 1001 days
54. finish my tshirt quilt

To Buy

55. buy one item of clothing from Modcloth (without grimacing at the price=))
56. buy one item of clothing from DownEast
57. place an order from thred up 
58. DSLR camera
59. my own drill and tools (the basics: hammer, screwdrivers, wrench, needle nose and normal, pliers, etc.)
60. a pair of riding style boots
61. buy iMovie


62. redo or have my blog redone
63. participate in blog link ups weekly for one entire year (longer if I can)
64. refresh my "about me" section
65. set up a flexible but productive blogging schedule
66. rename my blog


67. go phone and computer free for 24 complete hours other than receiving phone calls/texts work related (not extensive but necessary)
68.  go through and delete unwanted pictures and organize albums on the computer
69. delete old and unwanted files, downloads, and duplicate documents
70. burn all files and pictures to cds
71. learn how to use photoshop and bamboo


72. participate in a 30 day photo challenge 5 times
73. have my pictures taken for blogging purposes
74. take one picture in the same location for every season
75. participate in a day in the life photo challenge once per month for the duration of the 1001 days
76. take a basic photography class

For Others

77. pay for someone in line behind me
78. take someone food during and after a move
79. ramp up operation birthday card blessing
80. meet a need


81. celebrate turning 25
82. celebrate turning 26
83. celebrate turning 27
84. graduate my student (class of 2016)
85. hold a piglet
86. become CPR and First Aid certified
87. plan and lead one field trip per month for the duration of the school years inside the 1001 days
88. provide a way for my family have our pictures taken professionally
89. have the sewing machine my mom gave me conditioned
90. go on a zip line tour
91. rent a how-to book from the library and learn the contents during the 4 weeks it is in my possession
92. have a coffee with a design in the froth
93. go see Christmas lights in my pj's
94. go to the eye doc
95. become a certified doula and natural childbirth educator
96. begin pulling together all the recipes I want in my future home into one organized cookbook
97. take a class from craftsy.com
98. witness my cousin's marriage
99. take a complaining fast
100. get up early((ier) than 6:30) every day for a week
101. eat something I've never tried before

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