You've been Good

I finally break the silence to let you all in on a little secret. I've moved!

I have been weighing all options when it came to this blog. I love what blogging has done for the thoughts in my head and the little pieces of my life I want to share. It has broadened my horizons to a whole bunch of encouraging ladies and inspiring stories. I have splashed these posts with the good, the bad, and the blessed and it has been an adventure.

When it came down to it I realized that this blog, While I'm Waiting, incapsulated a time in my life that I want to remember. These pages have been open for six years. That is a good majority of time and memories. They hold a lot of growth, joy, hurt, and healing.

But, I like fresh. I like clean, and I like the direction this new blog is headed.

So, if you are still a follower you are welcome to come follow me over here!


#summer15 goals

Yesterday was my official first day of summer vacation. It came on the tail of an extremely busy week. Two showers bookending a half work week and our state's home educators convention. It was nine days of insane, low sleep, 16-17 hour days, lots of standing, planning, and bad-for-you food. Whew! I spent yesterday recovering from it all by cleaning! =) I am that person!

With this summer stretching out in front of me I wanted to list out the things I wanted to accomplish. I want this to be the summer of completion. I don't want to waste these days I have been given. They are truly a gift.

So, here goes:
  • research and enroll (?) in classes for my midwifery/childbirth education instructor certification.
  • complete two jewelry projects.
  • make an appointment with apple for my computer (it is sick! =()
  • clean up the rest of the attic. I have fixed the back part and just need to sort of the front part and repack it.
  • wash my car.
  • plan a shower for a friend in Bible Study.
  • visit with my sister in DC for a long weekend.
  • maybe visit her some more!
  • complete the desk redo project with the desk sitting in my shed.
  • rearrange my room.
  • visit with my grandma and have her teach me to make coconut cake.
  • plan to take my nanny shopping.
  • help a friend pack and move across town.
  • plan out my days with the Boogs (I only have him Wednesdays)
  • plan Spanish lesson plans for the first semester (I'm teaching Spanish II!)
  • learn two songs on the guitar.
  • visit with some friends.
  • work on details for a big reveal here in the fall.
  • read two books.
  • memorize Isaiah 42:10-12
  • organize and clean the cabinet in the bathroom, 3 food cabinets in the kitchen, and the spice cabinet.
  • Go to some $1 movies
  • Attend kingsfest 2015 with my sisters and brother-in-law. 
  • Attend our annual July 3rd picnic. 
  • Attend our annual July 4th fireworks. 
  • Meet my nephew. 
  • Finish frames for antique English paper. 
  • help plan my nephew's 4th race car birthday party!
And for a bonus (and only if I have time!)! 
  • make enough product to open an etsy shop or host a booth at a craft fair! 
It looks like a lot. And it is. But I want to get it done! All of it! So #summer15 , bring it on! 


Five on Friday: week recap

Most of the weeks for Five on Friday/Oh hey, Friday! I feel like I default to recapping my week. I think for me it is a time to look back and see what I've been up to! It's a nice to way to keep track and to be thankful for the ways tha Father works in my life.

Now that sappy intros are done, let's move on to what I originally planned for today! :)


Last Saturday we took an almost complete family outing to some yardsales. It was an odd thing for a good majority of us to be together to do that but it was fun and filled with blessings. I invaded on this glimpse of eternity touching earth when a man present at one of the sales took the time to hear the whispers of the Spirit and act on it. He, hand in hand with my sister and brother-in-law, prayed over the new life in my sister's womb and the family the Father was knitting. These precious moments can't be relived or retold like the actual event but what a sweet reminder of God's gifts in little ways.


Here is an educational shout out for you. My dad taught me that you can in fact hold a bee and not worry about being stung. Not that I will seek to spend a minute longer with one than I have to to figure it out but there you have it anyway. If he is a carpenter bee with a white spot then he is, in fact, a he. Completely incapable of stinging and thus harmless...ish. 


I am teased relentlessly over this...my habit of corn on the cob eating.

Row by row I clean the cob completely. It isn't wasteful and I get all the kernel. Found out this week that there are others like me out there! Anyone else eat corn like this?


The weather has been absolutely fabulous lately! We have been outside a ton! Yesterday Boogs had a picnic while I was trimming some azaleas. I love being about to shake out the mess he makes in the yard and call it a done deal! 


Lastly, this thing is in the works to becoming a pallet herb garden. I ran into some snags and the thunder forced me inside yesterday but  I plan to finish today! I'll post when it's up and going! 

Happy Friday!
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Work out Wednesday - what the fix fixed

I mentioned briefly last week that February was the month of the Fix. I started the 3rd and it took up the better part of that short month. I confess I was hesitant to start and I addressed some of that here so I won't go into it now.

I will tell you some of my favorite Fix recipes and the colors they used! 

Banana Pancakes

2 eggs
1 banana

These things are awesome! You whip, and I mean really whip, 2 eggs and a banana together! Cook like pancakes over medium heat! Eat plain or with a sprinkle of cinnamon! So yum and a great boost of protein for the first meal of the day! 

1 red 2 purples 

Spicy Baked Spaghetti Squash

1 large spaghetti squash
3/4 cup Low Fat Ricotta Cheese
1 cup parmasean cheese (grated or shredded)
1 cup tomato sauce (I use plain tomato sauce. No sugar or anything else added!)
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
2 cloves fresh garlic
3 teaspoons Italian seasoning

Slice spaghetti squash in half and place cut side down in shallow pan. Add water to the pan about an inch thick. Cook in the microwave until the squash is tender and almost clear in appearance  Mine took about 10 minutes broke up into 2 or 3 minute amounts. While the squash is cooking heat tomato sauce in a sauce pan over medium heat. Add garlic (minced), red pepper flakes, and Italian seasoning. I put amounts for the sake of a "recipe" but I tasted and added more of some and not of others. I like to know what my food is doing! =) When the squash is tender, take a fork and scraped the flesh to pull out the spaghettiesque pieces. Like my word!? Mix 4 cups of spaghetti squash with the sauce and pour into oiled baking dish. Top with ricotta cheese tablespoon at a time and sprinkle with parmesan. Bake at 415 degrees for 15 minutes or until cheese is browned on top! Makes four servings.

1 serving is 1 green, 1/4 red, 1 blue, 1/2 purple

Butternut Squash Skillet

1 cup cubed roasted butternut squash
1 cup cubed roasted acorn squash
1 apple diced

Heat diced sausage links over medium heat in skillet. When they start to brown on the edges add apple. When the apple is tender add squash. Continue to cook through until everything gets all happy with each other! Yum! Serves 2.

1 green, 1/2 purple, 1 red

Almost a Frappucino 

1 cup crushed ice
8 oz. cool coffee (I keep a pitcher in the frig!)
1 cup milk of your choosing
1 scoop of Shakeology vanilla for coffee frap and chocolate for mocha frap

Put all ingredients in blender and blend until frappucino consistency happens! Enjoy!

1 yellow (treat days), 1 red

I also wanted to give a peak into what the fix did for me. If I am straight up honest my relationship with food was one of comfort. I didn't have comfort foods, they were all a comfort. I think eating was somewhat of a thing that I used to distract, reward, ease, enjoy, etc. The fix really did help me to see what was missing from my diet and what I was missing in how I was eating! I am an organized nerd so seeing what components fit into my day was very helpful and keep them all straight was nice because it was easily laid out.

When I was looking at my containers being checked off and pangs of hunger started I learned to reach for things that would benefit my body. On the flip side if the pangs of hunger were absent and I knew I didn't want to spend a container on bored eating I found something else to do. 

I lost a total of 12 pounds on the fix and I am thankful for that number. It wasn't what I was hoping and my clothes don't fit me worlds better than they did but 12 pounds is 12 pounds!

Next week I'll go into how I organized my fix. For now, enjoy some tasty recipes! Happy fixing!

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Work out Wednesday: Ship Shapeless

I am linking up with Kenji's Workout Wednesdays with Kenji! 

I have been on a mission this year to reclaim me. After what I would describe as my Job year in 2013 I let myself go...really go. I hadn't ever been "in shape" but I was taking care of myself somewhat and paid attention to getting dressed, hygiene, exercise, etc. I gained a lot of weight last year and struggled to present myself...at all. 

This year I started out by remembering first and foremost that...

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

I had to turn back over what is rightfully His. I have been bought with a price, the blood of my Savior and I want, desire, long to bring glory through it. 

Next I needed a plan. It as been slow going...but it is going!  

I started out by completing a 21 day Fix and loved most of it! See my post here. All together I lost 12 pounds on that journey. It was hard but it helped in so many areas! 

My latest attempt is calorie counting. I have given a half hearted attempt these past two weeks but I have tried to kick it into high gear! I have deiced to give it a good 30 day shot like I did the fix and will probably give Whole 30 a chance here soon. 

So, plans for the next month! 

- I am going to give Calorie counting a good 30 day kick! Take it as a competition between the fix and this! Which one is going to win! 
- Workouts have been a mix of fast pace walking and fitness blender workouts. Which, shameless plug...completely WORTH it! 
- DRINKING lots of water! I have really let this slip...

So there's my plan! We will see how it works! 


#DADIM week 3 recap!

May seems to be flying by and before you know it June is going to come knocking! I am loving this dress a day this year! Some days haven't come together quite like I wanted but for the most part I am having a blast! 

[day 11] Let's be honest. This is one of those days. I made it into a skirt and I was somewhat pulled together but I didn't like it and was super uncomfortable! But...here it is! 

shirt: Thrifted, skirt: Kohls
[day 12] I loved this day! So comfy and cute!

shirt: KMart, maxi: Target, shoes: payless
[day 13] This was a quick day...meaning I had to take a pic quick because I just didn't have time! 

dress: Target, cardigan: New York and Co., shoes: TOMS
[day 14] I was off but that meant a dentist appointment and a quick trip to DC and back! 

shirt: Walmart, skirt: Target, shoes: Sperry's
[day 15] Friday night was baby's dance recital. I had worked with my mom that day so dressing up that night was fun! I cut this skirt off a dress right before  Walked out the door! 

skirt(that came from a dress): Burlington Coat Factory, shirt: Land's End, cardigan: JC Penny's, shoes: Payless
[day 16] Cousin's graduation = dress up day! 
dress: J.Jill, shoes, Marshalls
[day 17] church, showers, and food festivals.

dress: Walmart, jacket: New York Jeans, shoes: Payless


#DADIM week 2

#DADIM week 2 recap!
Here I am starting week 3 of #dadim and I am loving it this year! I don't know if I have needed the nudge of confidence it has given or the fresh outlook of my daily appearance or what but I am thankful. I feel much better throughout the day and feel like I am making this a part of "doing all for the glory of God." Looking forward to the rest of the month! 

[Day 4] Mondays are deep cleaning days around these parts. Still haven't figured out the dressing for this day. This was after a shower that afternoon so it didn't really count but it was a dress! 
dress: Walmart, caridan: Target
[Day 5] Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo so pardon the dinner prep mess! After work I decided to make some empanadas to celebrate and I remembered the picture before I looked terrible but there is a lot in that kitchen when I make empanadas that make a girl's appearance dwindle...fast! =)

dress: ROSS, cardigan: New York and Co. 
[Day 6] Wednesday was a crazy day! My niece was born early that morning and I was busy getting last minute things pulled together so I could skip town the next day after work. So, it was work on top of work on top of work. But, thankfully it all came together and a long weekend with the fam in DC was just what the doctor ordered! Oh, and it was the FIRST skirt in the month! 
maxi: Walmart, shirt: Target, neckalce: made by me, shoes: Walmart
[Day 7] Work half a day and jet off to NOVA! Yeah! Nephew time and some precious moments with the new niece! 
dress: Gap, shoes: Target, watch: Charming Charlies
[Day 8] No picture. It was a relaxing day with my family. I didn't worry about things and it was all ok perfect! 

[Day 9] We decided to explore an area of NOVA we had never been to! Great time of looking around and an awesome picture location! 
dress: thrifted (not sure where from), watch: Charming Charlies
[Day 10] Happy Mother's Day! Great day to celebrate the moms in this family and wrapping up our weekend together! Hate to see it go but thankful for the time, so thankful! Second skirt of the season! I am loving dresses so much! 
maxi: Walmart, shirt: Walmart, denim jacket: New York and Co., shoes: TOMS, watch: Charming Charlies
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Happy Monday!


#DADIM week one

For the past three years I have participated in a world wide woman's fashion challenge where we were skirts or dresses every day for the month of May. It is a great month of getting back to the basics of femininity, clothing. There are so many other characteristics that define Godly femininity, but for this month I really work hard to achieve a girly, modest look that functional and nice looking. It isn't always easy. For example: we were selling a house last year. Between tearing out carpet and painting, "dresses" weren't on my agenda! =)

Whatever the issues I enjoy the challenge and the out come! This year I decided to take on another fashion challenge. It hasn't happened everyday so that might be an occasional thing but it's been fun! Check it out and join in the fun with #DADIM or #adressadayinmay . Loads of fun!

Days 1, 2, and 3

Day 1 was rainy and cold and I had errands to run! Thanks to a friend of mine this chambray sleeveless dress was mine last week for $5! I paired it with leggings and a cardigan and flats! Threw in a long necklace and I was super comfortable yet pulled together! I spilled dinner on my lap before I got a picture so I had to wait until it was cleaned! *embarrassed face!*
dress: Target, cardigan: J. Crew, leggins: Charlotte Russe

Day 2 my mom and I spent the better part of the day yard saying! This has got to be one of my favorite things about this season! Even if I don't pouches anything it is a fun outing with family! This week my mom and I were left to fend for ourselves because everyone else had things to do! We roamed all over town and scored some amazing deals! My $1 maxi from last season and my bold gold cardigan was the way to go that day! 

dress: Walmart, cardigan: Chadwicks, tank: Target, necklace: made by me

shoes: Payless

Day 3 was my favorite day! This is arguably the most comfortable dress I've ever purchased let alone worn! I wasn't too sure about it taking it in to the dressing room but once it was on I fell in love with it! I paired it with a fun bead necklace and land's end slip ons! I was so comfortable and felt so cute all day long! 
dress: J. Jill, shoes: Land's End, watch: Charming Charlies, necklace: grandma's box

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five on friday


It's nephew number 4 for me! Super pumped! My sister and her hubby are busy getting all the details in place for their baby coming in August! Both of them are so cute as they learn about high chairs, carseats, and burp rags!


This week I chopped about 9 inches of my hair. I am still in shock but loving working with it! Hairstyles for mid length hair? Pass them along!


Last Saturday I went hiking with my Bible Study group. We went to some falls about an hour and half from here. They are supposed to be the biggest falls this side of the Mississippi River. It was a beautiful day and a great time of fellowship!


I went to the dentist for the first time in ages. I hate to confess it but it is what it is. =\ Thankfully I inherited my dad's teeth genetics and got off with two potential cavities in my back two morals and the compliment that my teeth were the stuff of the red carpet. Nice!


My family went to see Beyond the Mask film last night by the Burns Family Studios. I would highly recommend it! There are a few historical discrepancies but nothing that defies history like some movies, ahem, Pocohantas, ahem. =)

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five on Friday: the odd week


My sister has been in town and I have been off all week. It's odd because it never works out that way but it has been super nice to be able to relax and visit with her and the boys without having to worry about schedules and dividing my time! Oh how I long to work for myself but until then I will take a week off to spend with the people I love, my family!


I mentioned last week that my nephew's 6th birthday was this weekend but his star wars party was last weekend! The decorations were completed and I think the 6 (almost) year old jedi had a great time!


I am currently obsessed with these! If you need a quick snack, this is it! So good, so sweet, so crunchy!


I made an awesome batch of pesto this week! Oh my goodness! So good!


My sister and I along with two of her friends attended an All Sons and Daughters concert last week that was awesome! If they are coming to your area, go. Just go! Great night of worship and surrender to the Father.

Here are the tour dates.

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