21 Things I Have Learned During the 21 Day Fix

Several months ago my mom became interested in a program a few friends were using called the 21 Day Fix. She wrote and got some information and started on her way to actually completing a fix of her own.

Now, I confess. I am SUPER skeptical about things. These pyramid, social networking, miracle companies don't lure me. I sell EO's but by name only. I believe in essential oils and their benefits and wanted to be a source for those I love to buy them. But you can ask my very frustrated upline, I am not into the selling and money-making side of things. Because why? Because this isn't what I am about. So, when it comes to anything else, I will listen and may purchase a product or two. But call it my stubbornness or whatever, I will not be sucked into the "this product will change my life" gig.

So, when it came to this I was happy to let my mom go at it. Don't get me wrong. I like a challenge...partly because I am a competitive person! I wasn't against doing it, I just hadn't thought it through for myself. Come beginning of February, my mom asked if I wanted to join her. I decided to go ahead to form an opinion for myself. As much as I am against buying into this model of retail I am not above actually trying the product for myself so that I can make an educated decision.

So, here I am at the end of the 21 Day Fix and I can honestly say that the only negative I have found is the absence of Blue Bell ice cream in my life. So here are my 21 things that the 21 Day Fix has taught me. I was surprised. You may be too.

#1 - It's not hard. Plain and simple. I hate, like with burning passion, counting calories, cutting foods, etc. I am ALWAYS hesitant when someone advises me to do so. Well, not today Zerg. It really is laid out so that you aren't limited to what you can or cannot have. But rather to how much and how often. It is dependent on simple math and organization. That's it.

#2 - I can eat. This was a big deal to me. I have struggled with weight for a long time. I have struggled with stomach issues almost as long. Eating and I have never gotten along but apparently something in my body holds onto EVERYTHING I eat. It never ends. But I eat a lot. A LOT!

#3 - I eat until I am satisfied, not full. This one is HUGE! I would eat until I felt full. On the fix my portions have been controlled and when I am finished I am satisfied, energized, and done. I am eating more often but the right things.

#4 - 6 small meals > 3 large meals. To reiterate what I said in number three, I am eating more often. From the time I wake up my body is on about a 3 hour schedule. My body is accepting the food I need and digesting it better than before. My stomach isn't hurting because of overfeeding or starving.

#5 - I can digest food. For the longest time I struggled to digest food. I have learned on this that I was eating too much, too fast, and waiting too long to eat. Don't read me wrong. There are STILL foods that I can't eat. I am not able to consume certain things with certain things. Still. But this isn't a healing program. I can digest meaning that when it enters my mouth and goes down my esophagus my digestion is working the way it is supposed to. I have only had three meals that my stomach revolted digestion. This, THIS is huge!

#6 - I do miss sweets. But not like I used to. Sugar actually aggravates my stomach but I do like an occasional treat. Pathetic. 21 days are no big deal but I do look forward to the fact that my birthday is 2 days after I end it!


#7 - I like salad. Ok, I said it! I do! Salad has been my rival forever! I have eaten several these last days and I have enjoyed them!

#8 - I am not limited. My options are endless. It has brought out creativity in my preparation of different meals. If I am not into 100% raw veggies today I throw some in a pan and stir fry them a little! Roasting is awesome too!

#9 - I need a higher caloric intake than I thought to loose weight. Every time I tried to loose weight I would slash my eating a third and eat like a bird. Unbelievably, I am eating like crazy and loosing pounds. BECAUSE, I am eating the right things. Have I said this enough?

#10 - Fiber is glorious. That is all I am going to say about that. Moving on...!

#11 - Shakeology. This is NOT a plug for shakeology. I have stayed away from protein powders completely because of my stomach issues. I have been warned over and over again from others who have suffered with the same issues as I that I shouldn't consume it. However, I wanted to give this thing a good go. I tried the shakes the first day and...NO ISSUES! I was shocked. Completely. I tried a few more recipes with it and haven't had one that I don't like. If I put milk in it I still use goat's milk but usually I love cherries, or strawberries.

#12 - I needed more protein. I was a veggies and carb girl until a few days ago. Heavy on the bread and little protein to speak of. Not loading up on the steak but a definite increase of protein has helped immensely!

#13 - The work outs are no joke. I had tried my hand at some of the workouts before beginning the program. To my surprise 30 minutes and I was worn! Yikes!

#14 - I am finishing strong. I chickened out BIG time when I was on whole 30. Ug, it was terrible! This time I am crossing the finish line and not so eager to be "done."

#15 - It isn't a confidence booster and it is. I am feeling stronger about what I can and cannot do. My planks are held longer. I have more restraint over my eating. I can finish a workout for the most part. BUT, I do not have a great amount of confidence. My body doesn't reflect the number loss from the scale. I tried on dress after dress yesterday and didn't like my body one bit. I hate to say it but it's true. I'd like to see it more than I did but I don't right now.

#16 - success is in numbers. I'm not talking about the number on the scale. I'm talking about the camaraderie with others. Being on the journey with other people. My mom and sister and I all did it together. When we struggled, we could relate. When we succeeded, we celebrated. Plus we were a part of a Facebook group that had several members all sharing together.

#17 - I can do without bread. Taking vitamins is still hard. They are SO potent. But I am not munching and snacking on it every other second like I was.

#18 - I am capable of seeing results. I honestly just thought that I was past the point of seeing results. That there was something I wasn't taking care of and just wouldn't see results. Not true.

#19 - I'm never going to be a size 2. I don't want to be. I like my curves...I just want them to shake less.

#20 - I still don't "love to workout" - It's true. I am not jumping up and down when I peel myself out of bed at 5:30 to get in my cardio and a shower before work. It will never be a favorite. 21 days didn't change that about me.

#21 - It didn't "give me that body I always wanted" - Repetitively Autumn says in the workout that if we give her 21 days she will give us the body we always wanted. Um, no. She lies. I can tell this will be a work in progress. My left hip looks severely under worked compared to my right...I don't know what happened. My belly still rolls. My legs are still awful. I don't have the body I "always" wanted. To be ENTIRELY honest I don't know that I will ever have it. For now, I am satisfied in trying to be healthy and work hard for whatever I get.

Final thoughts: I would recommend the Fix for anyone desiring to set up an understandable program that forms good habits. Don't look to it for the fix all. It won't. But it is helpful for those simple steps to a healthy lifestyle. 

I plan to continue with the containers and learning how to enjoy my birthday tomorrow without undoing all my hard work. I hesitated to post this but I am down 10 lbs from 3 weeks ago.  I am proud of that. 

Until next time...

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