five on Friday: the odd week


My sister has been in town and I have been off all week. It's odd because it never works out that way but it has been super nice to be able to relax and visit with her and the boys without having to worry about schedules and dividing my time! Oh how I long to work for myself but until then I will take a week off to spend with the people I love, my family!


I mentioned last week that my nephew's 6th birthday was this weekend but his star wars party was last weekend! The decorations were completed and I think the 6 (almost) year old jedi had a great time!


I am currently obsessed with these! If you need a quick snack, this is it! So good, so sweet, so crunchy!


I made an awesome batch of pesto this week! Oh my goodness! So good!


My sister and I along with two of her friends attended an All Sons and Daughters concert last week that was awesome! If they are coming to your area, go. Just go! Great night of worship and surrender to the Father.

Here are the tour dates.

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