five on friday


It's nephew number 4 for me! Super pumped! My sister and her hubby are busy getting all the details in place for their baby coming in August! Both of them are so cute as they learn about high chairs, carseats, and burp rags!


This week I chopped about 9 inches of my hair. I am still in shock but loving working with it! Hairstyles for mid length hair? Pass them along!


Last Saturday I went hiking with my Bible Study group. We went to some falls about an hour and half from here. They are supposed to be the biggest falls this side of the Mississippi River. It was a beautiful day and a great time of fellowship!


I went to the dentist for the first time in ages. I hate to confess it but it is what it is. =\ Thankfully I inherited my dad's teeth genetics and got off with two potential cavities in my back two morals and the compliment that my teeth were the stuff of the red carpet. Nice!


My family went to see Beyond the Mask film last night by the Burns Family Studios. I would highly recommend it! There are a few historical discrepancies but nothing that defies history like some movies, ahem, Pocohantas, ahem. =)

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