#DADIM week one

For the past three years I have participated in a world wide woman's fashion challenge where we were skirts or dresses every day for the month of May. It is a great month of getting back to the basics of femininity, clothing. There are so many other characteristics that define Godly femininity, but for this month I really work hard to achieve a girly, modest look that functional and nice looking. It isn't always easy. For example: we were selling a house last year. Between tearing out carpet and painting, "dresses" weren't on my agenda! =)

Whatever the issues I enjoy the challenge and the out come! This year I decided to take on another fashion challenge. It hasn't happened everyday so that might be an occasional thing but it's been fun! Check it out and join in the fun with #DADIM or #adressadayinmay . Loads of fun!

Days 1, 2, and 3

Day 1 was rainy and cold and I had errands to run! Thanks to a friend of mine this chambray sleeveless dress was mine last week for $5! I paired it with leggings and a cardigan and flats! Threw in a long necklace and I was super comfortable yet pulled together! I spilled dinner on my lap before I got a picture so I had to wait until it was cleaned! *embarrassed face!*
dress: Target, cardigan: J. Crew, leggins: Charlotte Russe

Day 2 my mom and I spent the better part of the day yard saying! This has got to be one of my favorite things about this season! Even if I don't pouches anything it is a fun outing with family! This week my mom and I were left to fend for ourselves because everyone else had things to do! We roamed all over town and scored some amazing deals! My $1 maxi from last season and my bold gold cardigan was the way to go that day! 

dress: Walmart, cardigan: Chadwicks, tank: Target, necklace: made by me

shoes: Payless

Day 3 was my favorite day! This is arguably the most comfortable dress I've ever purchased let alone worn! I wasn't too sure about it taking it in to the dressing room but once it was on I fell in love with it! I paired it with a fun bead necklace and land's end slip ons! I was so comfortable and felt so cute all day long! 
dress: J. Jill, shoes: Land's End, watch: Charming Charlies, necklace: grandma's box

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  1. Hi there, stopping by from the link-up! Love these outfits, so cute! And you got some amazing deals, a maxi for $1?? Wow!