Five on Friday: week recap

Most of the weeks for Five on Friday/Oh hey, Friday! I feel like I default to recapping my week. I think for me it is a time to look back and see what I've been up to! It's a nice to way to keep track and to be thankful for the ways tha Father works in my life.

Now that sappy intros are done, let's move on to what I originally planned for today! :)


Last Saturday we took an almost complete family outing to some yardsales. It was an odd thing for a good majority of us to be together to do that but it was fun and filled with blessings. I invaded on this glimpse of eternity touching earth when a man present at one of the sales took the time to hear the whispers of the Spirit and act on it. He, hand in hand with my sister and brother-in-law, prayed over the new life in my sister's womb and the family the Father was knitting. These precious moments can't be relived or retold like the actual event but what a sweet reminder of God's gifts in little ways.


Here is an educational shout out for you. My dad taught me that you can in fact hold a bee and not worry about being stung. Not that I will seek to spend a minute longer with one than I have to to figure it out but there you have it anyway. If he is a carpenter bee with a white spot then he is, in fact, a he. Completely incapable of stinging and thus harmless...ish. 


I am teased relentlessly over this...my habit of corn on the cob eating.

Row by row I clean the cob completely. It isn't wasteful and I get all the kernel. Found out this week that there are others like me out there! Anyone else eat corn like this?


The weather has been absolutely fabulous lately! We have been outside a ton! Yesterday Boogs had a picnic while I was trimming some azaleas. I love being about to shake out the mess he makes in the yard and call it a done deal! 


Lastly, this thing is in the works to becoming a pallet herb garden. I ran into some snags and the thunder forced me inside yesterday but  I plan to finish today! I'll post when it's up and going! 

Happy Friday!
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