#summer15 goals

Yesterday was my official first day of summer vacation. It came on the tail of an extremely busy week. Two showers bookending a half work week and our state's home educators convention. It was nine days of insane, low sleep, 16-17 hour days, lots of standing, planning, and bad-for-you food. Whew! I spent yesterday recovering from it all by cleaning! =) I am that person!

With this summer stretching out in front of me I wanted to list out the things I wanted to accomplish. I want this to be the summer of completion. I don't want to waste these days I have been given. They are truly a gift.

So, here goes:
  • research and enroll (?) in classes for my midwifery/childbirth education instructor certification.
  • complete two jewelry projects.
  • make an appointment with apple for my computer (it is sick! =()
  • clean up the rest of the attic. I have fixed the back part and just need to sort of the front part and repack it.
  • wash my car.
  • plan a shower for a friend in Bible Study.
  • visit with my sister in DC for a long weekend.
  • maybe visit her some more!
  • complete the desk redo project with the desk sitting in my shed.
  • rearrange my room.
  • visit with my grandma and have her teach me to make coconut cake.
  • plan to take my nanny shopping.
  • help a friend pack and move across town.
  • plan out my days with the Boogs (I only have him Wednesdays)
  • plan Spanish lesson plans for the first semester (I'm teaching Spanish II!)
  • learn two songs on the guitar.
  • visit with some friends.
  • work on details for a big reveal here in the fall.
  • read two books.
  • memorize Isaiah 42:10-12
  • organize and clean the cabinet in the bathroom, 3 food cabinets in the kitchen, and the spice cabinet.
  • Go to some $1 movies
  • Attend kingsfest 2015 with my sisters and brother-in-law. 
  • Attend our annual July 3rd picnic. 
  • Attend our annual July 4th fireworks. 
  • Meet my nephew. 
  • Finish frames for antique English paper. 
  • help plan my nephew's 4th race car birthday party!
And for a bonus (and only if I have time!)! 
  • make enough product to open an etsy shop or host a booth at a craft fair! 
It looks like a lot. And it is. But I want to get it done! All of it! So #summer15 , bring it on! 

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