#DADIM week 3 recap!

May seems to be flying by and before you know it June is going to come knocking! I am loving this dress a day this year! Some days haven't come together quite like I wanted but for the most part I am having a blast! 

[day 11] Let's be honest. This is one of those days. I made it into a skirt and I was somewhat pulled together but I didn't like it and was super uncomfortable! But...here it is! 

shirt: Thrifted, skirt: Kohls
[day 12] I loved this day! So comfy and cute!

shirt: KMart, maxi: Target, shoes: payless
[day 13] This was a quick day...meaning I had to take a pic quick because I just didn't have time! 

dress: Target, cardigan: New York and Co., shoes: TOMS
[day 14] I was off but that meant a dentist appointment and a quick trip to DC and back! 

shirt: Walmart, skirt: Target, shoes: Sperry's
[day 15] Friday night was baby's dance recital. I had worked with my mom that day so dressing up that night was fun! I cut this skirt off a dress right before  Walked out the door! 

skirt(that came from a dress): Burlington Coat Factory, shirt: Land's End, cardigan: JC Penny's, shoes: Payless
[day 16] Cousin's graduation = dress up day! 
dress: J.Jill, shoes, Marshalls
[day 17] church, showers, and food festivals.

dress: Walmart, jacket: New York Jeans, shoes: Payless

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